The Car Accident

car accident

Many years ago, my MIL got into a car accident. When the light turned yellow at a 4-way intersection, she turned left in front of an oncoming car and got broadsided.

The next day, my husband got this email:

Dear Jack,

I got in a car accident yesterday! As I turned left at the intersection of Cleveland and Juniper, a young man blew through the yellow light and hit me. I was shocked. The car is ruined. Don’t ever go speeding through a yellow light! You don’t know who you might hit!


Never ever miss an opportunity to lecture your adult child, even if he drives like a grandma and never runs through yellow lights.

I can’t recall a time my MIL ever admitted to doing something wrong. This situation was no exception. Despite the fact that she turned in front of oncoming traffic, she believed she was not at fault. She began badgering her insurance company, proclaiming her innocence and clinging to anything that made the other guy look bad.

“This was not a traditional 80/20 accident!”

“He may have cancelled his insurance just before the accident. If he did, he’ll be in big trouble for fraud!”

“He was smoking at the time of the accident. SMOKING. You can’t smoke and concentrate on driving at the same time.”

We never did hear the end result of this story, which most likely means that she was found to be at fault.

Such things can’t be spoken of.


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