The Emails

9 - Email

My in-laws are not the most tech savvy people on the planet. They don’t have smartphones. They struggle with using their point and shoot digital camera. They don’t understand much about computers, but they do know how to get on to the internet.

My MIL is a prodigious emailer. When she has a bee in her bonnet about something, you can expect 4 or 5 emails from her in a single day. And if you don’t respond quickly enough, you’ll get more emails asking why you aren’t responding.

My in-laws have a lake home in a neighboring state, a good 5 hour drive from their city home. Many years back, my MIL had two email accounts – one through her internet provider at the city house, and the other through the internet provider at the lake house.

When she was in the city, we were instructed to email her at the email address she used in the city. When she was at the lake, we were told to email her at the lake address. Sure, no problem, we can handle that.

But then the dilemmas began.


I drove up to the lake home today. I’m expecting an important email from Jennifer. I told her to respond to me at the lake home email address, but when I got here and logged in to my email, I do not have an email from her. Can you go to my house, turn on the computer, open my emails, and forward all my emails to me? It’ll only take a minute.


My in-laws live 1 hour away from us in good traffic. No, this will not take “just a minute.” My husband ignored his mom’s request.

And then another time:


I’m at the lake and I’m expecting an important email from Pastor Johnson. He doesn’t know to email me at the lake home. I need you to go to our house and forward all my emails to me.


Uggggggh. Jack ignored this one, too.

When Jack was unresponsive to these requests, MIL started harassing Jack’s cousin, Bill. Bill has a reputation for being tech-savvy in the family. So of course he could forward her emails, right?

Bill quickly introduced MIL to Gmail and got her all set up with an account she could use in the city AND at the lake.

Isn’t it amazing what you can do with technology these days?

Thank you, Bill.


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