The Proposal Idea

“I have a GREAT idea for how you should propose,” my then-future MIL said to Jack as they ate lunch at his parent’s house one day.

Jack looked at his mother skeptically, but she continued on undaunted, “You should invite all of us – your dad and me, Emily’s parents, and Emily – all out to a nice restaurant. Then, over dessert, you can propose in front of everyone! Then we can all congratulate each other and hug and clink wineglasses and yell CHEERS!” At this last word, she threw her arms up with great dramatic flair.


Jack looked at his mom as if two horns had just sprouted out of her head.

His father, Charles, looked up from his soup and said, “No, Lilith.”

“What?!?!” Future MIL protested in disbelief. “Don’t you think that would be LOVELY? I would have such a story to tell my friends!”

“No, mom,” Jack responded firmly. “That is NOT how I’m going to propose to my future wife.”

MIL sat back in her chair with a pout, “I think it’s such a lovely idea.”


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