The Grandchild’s Room

This is the 1st story in a 3 part series on things my MIL did to let us know she wanted grandkids.

After Jack and I got engaged, my in-laws renovated their lake home. It was a pretty big project – they added multiple rooms and significantly increased the square footage of the house – so the renovations took many months. They finished a month before our wedding. After renovations were complete, my future in-laws invited us to join them at the home for a weekend. We agreed to go a few weeks after our wedding.

When we arrived, MIL announced that she wanted to give us a tour of the new place. We started with the new bedrooms that had been built on the first floor, one of which we were told would be Jack and I’s new sleeping quarters. She also showed us a three-season porch and some storage that had been added.

“Now for the upstairs!” MIL proclaimed and headed in that direction.

Upstairs, just one new room had been added, and it was attached to the master bedroom that my in-laws slept in. I could sense my MIL’s excitement building as we climbed the stairs and entered the room. “This next addition is my favorite!” she proclaimed. She moved toward some French doors that had been installed on the east wall of the bedroom and threw them open with a flourish.

“I call this…. THE GRANDCHILD’S ROOM!” she announced with a grin.

Just inside the room was a white toddler’s bed, all made up and ready for an occupant to sleep in it. Along another wall was a rocking chair, a rocking horse, and a toy chest.

What. The. Fuck.


I looked to Jack, who was looking into the room with a strange look on his face. He wasn’t happy. But he wasn’t upset either.

I don’t know what he was feeling, but I was stunned and really uncomfortable.

Jack and I had only been married three weeks. We had discussed kids and weren’t ready to have them. In fact, at that time, we’d agreed we might never have kids. And if we did decide to have kids, I would want them to sleep near their parents. Not in a room off their grandparent’s bedroom, which was a whole floor away from where the parents of those children would be sleeping.

All of this ran through my head at lightning speed, as I stood there wide-eyed. My MIL grinned her head off at us, like some female version of the Joker but with normal makeup and Eddie Bauer clothing.

After a short pause, MIL moved forward to shut the doors to the “grandchild’s room” and said, “Well, that’s it! That’s all the renovations. Should we go out for a boat ride?”

As she walked out of the room, I grabbed Jack’s arm. “Jack,” I whispered, “we need to talk.”


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