Let’s Share Too Much Information!

This is the 2nd story in a 3 part series on the things my MIL did during her quest for a grandchild. You can read the first story here.

Soon after Jack and I got married, I wound up in the ER because of a chronic health condition I have. I don’t want to get into the details of it in a public blog, but will say the condition affects my reproductive organs. The incident left me severely anemic, so I was prescribed iron pills to assist with my recovery. Since my visit to the ER interrupted plans we had to get together with my in-laws at their lake home, Jack informed his mom about what happened.

Over the next few months, as I recovered, this email conversation took place with my MIL:

Subject: Bad News!

Hi Emily! I’m up at the lake home right now. I was hoping to do some yard work, but am not feeling up to it because I have a bladder infection. The doctor gave me some antibiotics. Maybe tomorrow I will feel better and clean up the yard.

How is your recovery going, have you had a period lately?



MIL often sends me emails describing the details of her life, but this one was a little more than I needed to know. I respond and tell her I’m sorry to hear she’s ill and that I hope she feels better soon. I dodge providing a status update on my periods.

And then a few weeks later:

Subject: Update!

Good morning, Emily! Guess what? The antibiotics I took for my bladder infection gave me a raging yeast infection. My doctor said to eat a ton of yogurt. I hate yogurt! Must follow the doctor’s orders though!

Have you had a period yet? Are the pills working? Are things any better?

Love ya!


OMG. Waaaaaay too much info, MIL, way too much! I really don’t want to know about your “raging yeast infection.”

At this point, I am young and naïve and feel compelled to respond to her questions about my health. She knows the details of why I wound up in the ER, I assume she’s just curious about my recovery. So I respond and give her some short and simple answers to her questions – yes, I’ve had a period. Yes, the pills are working. Yes, recovery is going fine. Thanks for your concern!

And then, a month later:

Subject: Things are getting better!

Hi Emily! My yeast infection seems to be getting better. All that yogurt is paying off! If I never see another yogurt container in my life, I will be thrilled.

How is your health? Are you still having periods? Do you feel like the pills are effective?

Are you happy with your OB/GYN? I could recommend another. We know lots of doctors! We could find you a good one! Let me know what health issues you have, I’ll find someone who specializes in yours.

Take care!


At this point, I don’t have the benefit of hindsight on this situation. The emails come across like MIL is just worried for me, just wants to help. It feels a little invasive, but I don’t pick up on the Rosemary’s Baby potential hidden within this seemingly innocent offer to recommend an OB/GYN. At the time, I don’t connect MIL’s requests for status updates on my periods with her quest to have grandchildren.

I am happy with my OB/GYN. For the sake of being polite though, I tell MIL if she wants to recommend an OB/GYN, she’s welcome to. She soon responds with the names of some OB/GYNs located at a private practice in the city where we live. I thank my MIL for the recommendation and do nothing with it. I continue with my current health provider. A few months later, I get a formal diagnosis of my condition and am informed that it causes infertility. I’m informed of treatment options for my overall condition and for the infertility, should we ever chose to have kids.

As for my MIL, after she provided me with the OB/GYN recommendation, she stopped inquiring about my periods. I never heard anything again about her “raging” bladder and yeast infections either.


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